Whatsapp Download Free For PC and Whatsapp sniffer download

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Hey friends, today I posted a tutorial on how to download and install WhatsApp on your PC  With the wave of revolutions smartphones, a large number of applications have been developed. The most effective and specific than they are Whatsapp. This is one of the free chat application that has taken the smartphone industry by continually setting new standards for applications that follow the changing times.

Note: Before going further into the topic I want to tell you that WhatsApp Download for the PC is not officially available for computers but we will use the software called Bluestacks it is a Android Emulator  with the help of this we can easily install Android applications or games on your computer .


Whatsapp Features To know Before you installation Whatsapp on your Laptop/PC:

  • The most important of them is that there are no hidden costs. Some applications on the market describe themselves to be free of charge, but when it comes to trial, they fail to satisfy the customers with promises made to them. However, in this case consistent WhatsApp are no hidden costs.
  • Once installed, simply messages can be sent around the world without charge. It’s completely FREE.
    Multimedia files such as pictures, videos and voice notes can be exchanged as well, with the help of WhatsApp for Windows Computers.
  • It allows users to facilitate group chat with friends or relatives. A total of 50 participants can be added to the chat group.

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  • A list of existing contacts on your device can synchronize with Whatsapp and take all the friends from there, rather than create a separate list for them, unlike other messaging services.
  • The location along with wallpapers and chat history can be divided between those without interruption.
  • Now it’s time to know that the way to really use WhatsApp to PC and download it for free, I have provided throughout the guide below, so please have a look. Download Whatsapp for PC (Windows 7/8 / XP) Free
  • People who have used Whatsapp majority of smartphone users. Now what happens to people who do not have access to a smartphone? There is always a solution in this world full of technology. This is an application that is not only enjoyed by users of smartphones but people also operate on their PCs. Features used in the PC version of this application is similar to the smartphone version. Let us find out how we can download a Whatsapp for PC (Windows 7/8 / XP) for free.

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Steps To  Download WhatsApp free for Windows XP / 7/8:

  • The first step set up the user to install “software BlueStacks Android Emulator” on the PC. Without the availability of this software, download WhatsApp in the computer can not be achieved. ( click here to download)
  • After Bluestacks Software has been installed, users can run Bluestacks App.
  • The next step is to log into your Google account to use the facilities such as the Google Play Store and Download application.
  • As a result, after setup Google Account user can click on the ” My Apps “button and from there, select” Search App search “. This will trigger the Play store Google search.
  • Type ” Whatsapp “and press on search. The next step is to click the Download / Install.
    Once the download is complete, it must be installed on your desktop. Additionally, the user must provide a mobile number he needs to synchronize with your WhatsApp account.
  • After completing the last step, the user receives a confirmation code on his mobile phone to be inserted in the application and you are entitled to use Whatsapp on PC.

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whatsapp sniffer download

Whatsapp Sniffer is a free app that makes you able to read Whatsapp messages of a same Wi-Fi network. It catches conversations, pictures, audio/videos that are transmitted by Android phones, iPhones or Nokia on the same Wi-Fi connection. (Note that it can’t peep into BlackBerry’s messages, as they use their own servers instead of Whatsapp’s.)

To use Whatsapp Sniffer, all you need is just a rooted Android device. Then download Whatsapp sniffer apk on your devices, install it and read other people whatsapp conversation of the same WI-Fi connection. Before downloading Whatsapp Sniffer apk from the below given link, let’s briefly review its features:

Whatsapp Sniffer features:

  • Whatsapp Sniffer is a tool for rooted terminals
  • It is capable of reading whatsapp conversation on the same Wi-Fi network
  • With Whatsapp Sniffer, you can catch conversations, photos, videos, see sent & received messages, Change profile status, Change profile picture, can chat with the victum and much more
  • The program uses a grabber WhatsApp Sniffer or sniffer called tcpdump packages that handles see capture all network packets and filters WIFI source and destination servers WhatsApp .

Click Here Download Whatsapp Sniffer Apk

Note: If you have any kind of query let us know your query in the comment section and get the solution  from as early as possible thank you.

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