Unemployment Allowance in India Online Registration 2020

Unemployment Allowance
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In recent times due to COVID-19 whole world is facing a massive economic crisis, so it is quite clear that once India comes out of the coronavirus pandemic in the near future, Unemployment Allowance the entire country will go through a recession period and a large section of workers will become jobless.

To help those kinds of people on March 19, 2020, the Indian Government have announced to give allowance to a section of workers who will or already have lost their job due to COVID-19. However, in the normal situation, also the Indian Government offers unemployment allowance to those people who loses their job without their fault.

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In this article, we will mention every possible information about the allowance in India. In doing so, we will inform the readers about how to apply for the unemployment allowance, which section of people is eligible for the allowance, and how much amount a person will get if he/she is eligible for the unemployment allowance.

Who is eligible for the Unemployment Allowance?

Every person who loses their job is not eligible for the allowance. As mentioned earlier, it is only offered to those people who lose their job without their fault. The Government usually try to help those people temporarily until they find a new job.

State law generally determines who is eligible and how much amount they will get and for how long they will get. But in general, a person must satisfy all the requirements given below to get the unemployment allowance.

  • The person must be out of the work without their fault.
  • The person must pass class 10, and his age must be in between 17 to 40 years.
  • The annual family income must be less than 12000 rupees.
  • The person must be physically able, willing to begin suitable work without delay, and actively looking for new work.

How to apply for the Unemployment Allowance

  1. Firstly, a person should look for his/her state’s unemployment insurance scheme as soon as possible after becoming unemployed and immediately file a claim.

Note: Before filing a claim, a person must find out on the Internet whether his/her state takes the claim in person, over the telephone, or online.

  1. After filing the claim, a person will be asked for some specific information, such as addresses of their former employment.

Note: A person must give complete and correct information to make sure that the claim is not delayed.

So, by executing the above-mentioned steps, a person will be able to apply for the unemployment allowance. Usually, a person receives the allowance within two to three weeks after filing the claim, although some states may require a one-week waiting period.

How much amount will a person get under the unemployment allowance?

The amount will vary for different states of India, but in general, the amount depends on two factors. Firstly on the person’s weekly earnings just before he/she got unemployed and secondly on the maximum amount of unemployment paid to each worker. Usually, a person gets the unemployment allowance for a maximum of 26 weeks.

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So, finally, we can say that if readers go through this article thoroughly, they will be able to gather all the essential information about the unemployment allowance in India.

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