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Axis bank is the third largest private bank in India in recent time Axis Bank had launched a mobile application called “ing PPay” a mobile payment solution enabled application, through which a user can make instant money transfer to their friends over social platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Email list and phone contact list.`This is the only application on which you can send and ask for money, said Rajiv Anand, group executive – retail banking at Axis Bank.


“The transfer of funds is instant while in other platforms (indicating competitor’s similar apps) there is a waiting period of 30 minutes to one day,” – he said.

A user can send an amount of Rs 50,000 (maximum limit) per day through Ping Pay, and funds transfer made through app would be routed through NPCI’s Immediate Payment Service (IMPS).

This time Axis bank had tried a very different Advitersment with their brand ambassador Deepika Padukone. In this advitersment it show that, The app allows users to transfer money and recharge mobile using social and messaging channels like Whatsapp, facebook, Twitter, e–mail and SMS. The film begins with Padukone talking about monetary exchanges between friends. She says that it never happens silently, as he clicks on the Ping Pay app on her phone. What follows is a collection of scenes that highlight this banter. The first interaction shows a young man sending money to his friend over Whatsapp – the exchange is accompanied by filmi-style banter. This is followed by an exchange over Twitter and facebook, in different contexts: a guy splitting the bill for pizza with his roomie; a girl asking her friend to split the bill for an outing; an elder brother telling his sibling that it’s the last time he’s sending him money included. Laced with humour and thinly veiled insults, the film also showcases the functioning of the apps with a flick.
Padukone says when friends exchange money, they don’t just ‘pay’, but ‘pay and say’. She explains that the app works without the need to enter bank account details. She sends her photographer friend money and along with a message, reminding him that she never forgets to repay her debts.


What is Ping Pay?
Ping Pay is a multi-social payment application by Axis Bank. You can now transfer money and recharge phone numbers using Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS. You can also ask for money and mobile recharge using Ping Pay.

Who can use Ping Pay?
Ping Pay can be used by Axis Bank customers to send, request and receive money. A non-Axis Bank customer can also download the application and use for requesting money from friends & family and also for receiving money sent by Axis Bank customers.

What can you do using the Ping Pay app?
The Ping Pay app allows you to send or ask for money and send or ask for mobile recharg. Axis Bank customers can also see their account balance on Ping Pay.

Do the features available to Axis Bank customers and non-Axis Bank customers vary?
Yes, Axis Bank customers will be able to send money/recharge and can also check their account balance in the Axis Bank account linked to the Ping Pay app. Non-Axis Bank customers will be able to request money/recharge and can also apply for an Axis Bank savings account using Ping Pay.

Which versions of handsets support Ping Pay?
1. In case of iPhone – version 7.0 onwards
2. In case of Android phones – version 4.0 onwards

How do I download Ping Pay?
Ping Pay can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices and from the App store for Apple devices.

How long does it take to download the Ping Pay application?
The actual download time depends on the speed of GPRS connectivity offered by your mobile operator.

While downloading the application, I get a message saying “Untrusted Application”. What should I do?
Please select ‘Yes’ for this option. This is specific to the mobile device and will not affect the application or the mobile device.

Where will Ping Pay get downloaded on my phone?
The downloaded application is stored in a particular folder of the handset, specific to each device.


  • Ping Pay by Axis Bank is a multi-social payment app that lets you send or ask for money and mobile recharge across Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, SMS or e-mail.
  • Axis Bank customers can send money/recharge, receive money/recharge and ask for money/recharge from anyone in their friend list, without knowing their bank account details using Ping Pay.
  • Non-Axis Bank customers can receive money/recharge and ask for money/recharge from anyone in their friend list, without knowing their bank account details using Ping Pay.
  • And every time you send or ask for money, say whatever you want to say to your friends through customized messages, videos, voice notes or images!
  • your bank account details in a few simple steps on Ping Pay – for sending or receiving money, link your account only once and the same can be set as default for all subsequent transactions. You can also add multiple accounts and choose the account you want to send/receive money from.
  • Make fund transfers/recharges for FREE using Ping Pay!
  • Transaction Limit: Make fund transfers starting from Rs. 1 up to Rs. 50,000 per day using Ping Pay.

To Download the Ping Pay App From google play store Click Here

To Download the Ping Pay App From I store Click Here

At the moment only Axis Bank users can send money using Ping Pay, while non Axis Bank users will be able to use the app to ask for money from Axis Bank users,” said Mr.Anand.Other private banks ICICI and HDFC also launched mobile enabled payment solution apps under app names Pockets and Chillr respectively to tap the growing demand of mobile-enabled digital payment and fund transfer services.

Still if you have any kind of doubts you can about the whole information from the wiki and the link is provided below you just click on it you will be taken to the wiki link

Click here for Axis bank ping pay app by wiki link

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