Kanchana 2 Movie Review,Rating and Box Office Collection

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Kanchana 2 Tamil Movie Review:

Kanchana 2 is an upcoming Tamil comedy horror film directed and written by Raghava Lawrence, who also plays the lead role.Tollywood producer Bellamkonda Suresh produces the film. It is the third part in the Muni franchise, following Muni and Muni 2: Kanchana.The movie was initially titled Muni 3 but was later rechristened Kanchana 2.The most anticipated Raghava Lawrence’s upcoming Tamil movie Kanchana 2 is slated for a release of 17th April 2015. The movie is a sequel of the kanchana, already released in Tamil and telugu anguage.The prequel of the movie named kanchana was released on 2013 and garnered with good review from the audience. The movie was directed by Raghava Lawrence and got a very nice response from the fans.Now after a long time again Raghava Lawrence coming with the sequel Kanchana 2, which is expected for a big hit in 2015


Kanchana 2 Cast and Crew:

Director:Raghava Lawrence

Producer:Bellamkonda Suresh

Writter:Raghava Lawrence

Starring:Raghava Lawrence,Taapsee Pannu,Kovai Sarala,Renuka

Music:Leon James,C. Sathya,S. Thaman,Ashwamithra

Cinematography:Rajavel Olhiveeran

Release dates:17 April 2015



Budget:INR25 crore (US$3.9 million)

Kanchana 2 Movie Story Plot:

The movie is a mass entertainer in the genre of horror-comedy that appeals to all sections of the audiences. Raghavaa is possessed by a demon, so he feels and behaves accordingly. How he gets rid of the devils in him forms the story. The first half is outstanding full of comedy blended into horror genre. The second half deals how he gets rid of the devils in him and looks terrifically horrific!

Kanchana 2 plus points:

The story is told in a brilliant manner. The screenplay left no loopholes. Lawrence as director really rocked making the movie more engrossing and racy; so much so that you really feel possessed by Kanchana 2.

Kanchana 2 Minus points:

If there are any minus points, technically speaking are drowned down in the intensity of Raghava’s performance and his amazing directorial abilities.

Kanchana 2 Arist Performance:

Raghava Lawrence has once again come up with magnificent performance in this comedy-horror flick. He literally cast a magical spell on the audiences with his perfect sense of comedy timing. His intense performance as devil-possessed guy makes you feel scary sending shivers down your spine. Kovai Sarala, the very name evokes laughter in you. Need we say about her performance? She is a veteran in delivering comical punches in her dialogues

Kanchana 2 Movie Theater List in Chennai and Show Timing:

  • AGS Cinemas OMR: Navlur 11:30 AM,03:00 PM,06:30 PM,07:15 PM,10:00 PM,10:20 PM
  • Mayajaal Multiplex: Chennai 10:30 AM,11:10 AM,11:40 AM,12:05 PM,01:35 PM,02:20 PM,03:10 PM,04:40 PM,06:20 PM,07:50PM,08:10 PM,09:30 PM,10:15 PM,10:55 PM,11:20 PM
  • INOX National: Arcot Road 12:25 PM,12:45 PM,03:15 PM,07:00 PM,09:50 PM

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Kanchana 2 Movie TracK list and Juke Box:

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