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MasterChef Australia Full Details

MasterChef Australia is a Logie Award-winning Australian competitive cooking game show based on the original British MasterChef. It is produced by Shine Australia and screens on Network Ten. Restaurateur and chef Gary Mehigan, chef George Calombaris and food critic Matt Preston serve as the show’s main judges.Journalist Sarah Wilson hosted the first series, however her role was dropped at the end of the series.


The first episode aired on 27 April 2009, and the series one finale was broadcast on 19 July 2009.The first winner of MasterChef Australia was Julie Goodwin, a 38 year old I.T. office manager.The second series of MasterChef Australia premiered on 19 April 2010.The second series aired through the week at 7.30 pm, half an hour later than the original timeslot of the first series. The winner of the 2010 series of MasterChef was Adam Liaw, who won by a seven-point margin over his opponent Callum Hann.The third series of MasterChef Australia went to air in 2011. The series was won by Kate Bracks, who defeated Michael Weldon in the series final. The fourth series premiered on 6 May 2012, and was won by Andy Allen, who defeated Julia Taylor.In 2013, the fifth series winner was Emma Dean.The sixth series aired on 5 May 2014, and was won by Brent Owens, who defeated Laura Cassai. The seventh series premiered on 5 May 2015, and was won by Billie McKay who defeated Georgia Barnes.

The series has also spawned four spin-off series: Celebrity MasterChef Australia, which featured celebrity contestants, Junior MasterChef Australia, which featured younger contestants,[13] MasterChef Australia All-Stars, which featured returning contestants from the first three series,[14] and MasterChef Australia: The Professionals, which features professional chefs as contestants.These spin-off shows will not be on air in 2014, after the producers of the show announced that they wanted to solely focus on the original version.


Contestant Age State Occupation Status
Emma Dean 35 VIC Ex-Town Planner Winner 1 September
Lynton Tapp 25 NT Stockman Runner-up 1 September
Samira El Khafir 28 VIC Stay-At-Home Mum Third Place 1 September
Returned 24 July
Eliminated 17 July
Rishi Desai 35 NSW Public servant Eliminated 28 August
Christina Batista 31 NSW Stay-At-Home Mum Eliminated 26 August
Lucy Wallrock 31 NSW Marketing Director Eliminated 21 August
Daniel Kelty 35 NSW Stay-At-Home Dad Eliminated 19 August
Daniel Churchill 23 NSW Fitness Coach Eliminated 14 August
Noelene Marchwiki 59 VIC Optical Dispenser Eliminated 7 August
Vern Fitzgerald 33 NSW Bar Manager Eliminated 31 July
Neha Sen 31 QLD IT Consultant Eliminated 29 July
Jules Allen 38 NSW Social Worker Eliminated 15 July
Liliana Battle 42 WA Stay-At-Home Mum Eliminated 10 July
Pip Sumbak 23 NSW Office Assistant Eliminated 8 July
Totem Douangmala 23 SA Student Eliminated 3 July
Faiza Rehman 24 VIC Student Eliminated 26 June
Nicky Agahari 28 NSW Pharmaceutical Manager Eliminated 24 June
Andrew Prior 40 VIC Ex-Insurance Underwriter Retired injured 23 June
Clarissa Dodawec 44 VIC Opera Singer Eliminated 19 June
Xavier Doran 24 NSW Carpenter Eliminated 12 June
Michael Todd 41 SA Cinema Proprietor Eliminated 12 June
Dan Tuddenham 20 NSW Student Eliminated 4 June

Guest chefs

  • Frank Camorra – MasterClass 1
  • Maggie Beer – Barossa Boot Camp Day 2, MasterClass 2
  • Will Woods – MasterClass 2
  • Curtis Stone – Offsite Challenge 1, MasterClass 7
  • Shannon Bennett – Offsite Challenge 1
  • Stephanie Alexander – MasterClass 3
  • Bernard Chu – Elimination Challenge 3
  • Antonio Carluccio – Offsite Challenge 2, MasterClass 4
  • Stefano De Pieri – Pressure Test 1
  • Guillaume Brahimi – Immunity Challenge 2
  • Russell Blaikie – Immunity Challenge 2
  • Matt Stone – Elimination Challenge 5
  • Brendan Pratt – MasterClass 5
  • Kate Lamont – MasterClass 5
  • Ian Curley – Elimination Challenge 6
  • Paul Wilson – MasterClass 6
  • Daniel Wilson – Pressure Test 2
  • Nick Palumbo – Second Chance Challenge 3
  • Aaron Turner – MasterClass 8
  • Kirsten Tibballs – Pressure Test 3, MasterClass 9

Masterchef Australia Season 5 Full Episobe

MasterChef Australia Season 6 Full Episode

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