JioMart goes live on WhatsApp- Everything You want to know 

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As corona is going on increasing in a huge spread world-wide, the reliance has come up with the best feature ever in such a worst scenario. Reliance has brought up the e-grocery live on the WhatsApp via JioMart. 

Not only these services are available till the lockdown ends but also after the lockdown, it will go on helping the others who are busy or the people who are old and can’t walk so far for fulfilling the basic needs of the food items.

Where the services are available?

Currently, the services are available in suburban areas of Mumbai such as in Navi Mumbai, Kalyan, and Thane. It is estimated that these delivery services can be spread throughout the country as soon as possible. 

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How to Use JioMart?

Following are the steps for getting this service near your Kirana store:

  • Firstly, add the WhatsApp number of JioMart that is 88500 08000. 
  • Then JioMart will send you a link that is limited to 30 minutes. 
  • By clicking upon the link, the new page will get open and there you have to fill up the essential details such as address and phone number. 
  • Once, the details are filled, the catalog will get open with the available items and pick some, according to your choice. 
  • Click on the place order button and the selected items would be placed to your nearby Kirana store. And they will also give your identity. 
  • It would take 2-3 days for arranging your needs as there’s a lot of traffic on the website for food items due to COVID-19. 
  • You would get to know about the Kirana store where your food items would be supplied. 

Hence, the above was the information for getting the food items nearby your store. 

What’s more?

Besides, the partnership of reliance and WhatsApp, it is declared that WhatsApp is going to integrate a jio shopping bot on its API. Even Facebook is looking forward to having a partnership with Reliance. 

Having a partnership with Facebook, Ambani will get support to build up the digital platform for taking it up to Amazon and Walmart’s Flipkart for bringing up the e-commerce market till 2027. 

Bottom line 

The WhatsApp and Facebook have a lot of traffic per day and so, bringing up the platform on such socializing media will give the highest increment for the e-commerce market. Hence, the above was the information about JioMart on the WhatsApp. 

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