Jihad Against Hate – a poem by Ahmed Shariff

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Jihad Against Hate is a poem by stand up comic Ahmed Shariff. This poem is for the awareness in public to not to spread the hatred in the religions just because they belong to some religion. His intention is to not to judge people based on their religion, but by what they actually are. Here are the lyrics of the poem.

Hi, my name is… I won’t tell you my name. 

But tell me… can you tell what religion I am?

What religion I am?

What religion I am?

What country am I from?

I look like I am Indian.

But I also look Pakistani.


Or Afghan.


I could be anyone.

But one thing you can definitely see.

We are all human.

No confusion there.

We all just wanna live and let live

Love and let love

No higher power should tell me who I can marry

Or what symbol I carry

Because as human beings, we are all inherently

social creatures,

emotional creatures,

sharing creatures,

caring creatures,

living creatures,

giving creatures,

until priests, politicians and religious leaders

poison our minds by telling us things like

They are not from our country

They’re not from our region

They’re not our race

They’re not our religion

They’re not gonna live

They’re not gonna last

They’re not from our creed

They’re not from our caste

They’re not from our town

They’re not from our city

They’re less than human

They don’t deserve pity

They don’t eat the same food

They’re fickle and flawed

They are no good

They don’t have the same god

And thus by creating artificial

borders and boundaries

quarters and quandaries

traps and snares

fears and scares

fads and trends

odds and ends

fill us with hate and doubt and distrust and cynicism

and let imaginary friends come in the way of real friendships.

So stop fighting over a phony heaven

And just imagine like Johnny Lennon

In the quest for a heaven no one has seen

We destroy the heaven earth could have been.

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