How to lock your iPhone to a single application using Guided Access

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Many of the features that incorporates the default iPhone, may have uses that go beyond those for which they were designed. In fact, in this case, what we invent is to show how to get party Guided Access menu to achieve lock your iPhone to a single application. That is, you will be able to enter from the device just one app, because everything else is blocked. This can be useful when you want to pay for the phone to a child to play, or even when you need to leave it to an adult who does not know to check certain actions and not required to leave a particular app.


A continuation we are going to expose a manual step by step to configure the path guided to achieve that effect. But we will also teach you bet on a video in which you can carry all procedures that comment you through the text. Now you just have to ask yourself the occasions when this feature will be useful, or remember the steps when the moment of take advantage Want to study configure the Access menu guidance with this option arises.

Step by step to block your iPhone to a single app using Guided Access

The steps that we show a continuity will be the stages that need to happen, one by one, before reaching your iPhone device locks the only way an app using the Guided Access tool . If you follow them all, and do not skip anything, within minutes you will have everything set up to take full advantage.

  • Access the Settings menu on your iPhone
  • Go to the General tab in the setup menu
  • Select the Accessibility tab in the menu described above
  • Guided active bar access from the menu on site.
  • Once activated, you can invent a password with which you can enter the menu Guided Access. If you do not believe, you are prompted to do so later. If you prefer, and you have one of the latest iPhone, Might also choose to configure it from the Touch ID.
  • Inside the Times tab you can invent sound notifications to the client know that is about the time path to the device that you have previously configured within this menu. Activate if you consider appropriate.
  • Within the same general guidance Access tab you have the option of active access keys for accessibility. Enable this option only if you have one already activated, but ignore it.
  • Press the Home button and launch the app you want to be the only one which can enter through Guided Access.
  • Make tiple click the Home button to activate Guided Access. You will see a preview of this and will admit you select the areas you want to stay locked to navigation still inside her.
  • Click on the Options button at the bottom right to configure alternative you want to be active and not for Access Guide in the app we are configuring. Just enable or disable the ones you want.
  • Click on the Start at the top right in the menu to configure everything Guided Access button. You will be prompted for the password or invent a new one and confirm.
  • To exit this mode Guided Access in which we have limited use to a single app, there will be 3 times press the Home button and insert the pin of the device to the normal way.

Still if you have any kind doubt please don’t hesitate to contact us form the below comment section thank you.

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