*Happy Christmas, Merry Xmas Wishes, SMS – Pics 2014 – 2015

Happy Christmas, Merry Xmas Wishes, SMS - Pics 2014 - 2015
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The festival that is celebrated by most of the people on this planet is earth is getting close and is less than a month now. December 25th, the day which is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ, the universal God for Christians all over the planet earth. This is also the festival for many to get together and exchange the gifts on this event.Happy Christmas, Merry Xmas Wishes, SMS – Pics 2014 – 2015

Jesus Christ, Who is said to be the son of God was born on the day of December 25th and since then, the dates have been changed to Before Christ and After Christ. The time was divided into two parts since then. As per the holy book of Christians, Bible, Jesus Christ was born on this planet,and is said to be the son of God came here for the cleanser of the sins done by humans here. Jesus spent most of his life in taking care of others and finally killed by the people who did not believe in him. Even after his death, Jesus Christ returned back to his life on the third day and that day is celebrated as the Good Friday by the Christians.

*Happy Christmas, Merry Xmas Wishes, SMS - Pics 2014 - 2015

Needless to say that Christmas is one of the fastest growing religions on this planet and majority of the people are Christians here. Christmas is also called as X Mas, as it is called by most of the people on this planet. It is not sure who kept the name X Mas for Christmas and it has always been a controversial topic to discuss about. This is one of the discussed topic as some of the Christians call it as Christmas and some still prefer as X Mas. Some of the hard core Christians say that it is actually Christmas, but not Xmas while some say that it is also called as X Mas. Some of the references on internet say that the word Christmas is derived from the Greek word, thus giving the batton to the athiests all over the world that he is not a God at all. That is the reason why some part of the Christians say not to call Christmas as Xmas, but better say it as Christmas.
Far from these controversies, Christmas is always been a festival of joy and the even most interesting thing is that the most excited fest of New Year will be a week ahead after Christmas. So, for most of the nations all over the world, the entire week is celebrated grandly. Firstly they celebrate Christmas/Xmas and wait for the even more exciting event of New Year.

Nevertheless to say that these are the money making festivals for the money makers as the shopping arenas will be crowded with best sellings and offers which actually means the entire world will be dwelling in the joy of celebrating Christmas and New Year simultaneously without any differences. Yes, even if Christmas/Xmas is celebrated only by Christians, the event of New Year is celebrated by all over the world grandly. However, Christmas is termed as the welcoming dy for the joy of week! So, Happy Christmas in advanced!


Happy Christmas/Xmas Wishes, SMS, Poems Images, Pics 2014 – 2015

No greeting card on Christmas 

No Greeting Card To Give..
No Sweet Flowers To Send..
No Cute Graphics To Forward..
Wishing Blessed Month of Christmas!!

It is d month of Cakes n Candles,

Snow n Songs,
Carols n Joys,
Laughter n Love,

Wishing you a Blessed Month of Christmas!!
Love came down at Christmas

Love came down at Christmas;
Love all lovely, love divine;
Love was born at Christmas,
Stars and angels gave the sign.
Take time to / for in 2014

Take time to pray…
it helps to bring God near and washes the dust of earth from your eyes.

Take time for friends…
they are the source of happiness.

Take time for work…
it is the price of success.

Take time to think…
it is the source of power.

Take time to read…
it is the foundation of knowledge.

Take time to laugh…
it is the singing that helps with life’s loads.

Take time to love…
it is the one sacrament of life.

Take time to dream…
it hitches the soul to the stars.

Take time to play…
it is the secret of youth.

Joy on christ, Love on mas

Joy was on Christ,
Love was on mas,
so let all of this found u anywhere u are this lovely season.
merry x mas and happy new year
Wishing u merry x-mas!!

For thy lord
your God had made it possible for u
to see the month of December!
So shall all impossibility in your will be possible!
Wishing u merry x-mas!!
In this X-mas,
In the daytime if sun shine so shall Ur expectations come true,
At night when moon comes out so shall U receive blesses,
then if rain fall so shall it going to carry all your problem away from U!
Happy Merry Christmas
I wish U Lovely X-mas

I wish U Lovely X-mas
I wish U Favorable ”
I wish U Enjoyable ”
U shall not Lack in this X-mas
thy Lord shall provide to U!
Merry X-Mas.
Good morning & Merry Christmas 🙂

A lot of presents under the Christmas tree green,
goodies for the Christmas table,
great family atmosphere,
melody filled with traditional Polish Christmas carols,
as well as a shotgun , bubble Year’s Eve
and dreams come true in the New Year wishes
Good morning & Merry Christmas 🙂
Special Christmas Wish

May this Christmas be so special
that you never ever feel lonely again
and be surrounded by loved ones throughout!
Christmas is a time when

Christmas is a time when
everybody wants his past forgotten
and his present remembered.
What I don’t like about office Christmas parties
is looking for a job the next day.
A blessed Christmas to you!

A silent night,
a star above,
a blessed gift of hope
and love.

A blessed Christmas to you!
The warmth and joy of Christmas

From Home to home,
and heart to heart,
from one place to another.
The warmth and joy of Christmas,
brings us closer to each other.
A Christmas candle is a lovely thing

A Christmas candle is a lovely thing;
It makes no noise at all,
But softly gives itself away;
While quite unselfish,
it grows small.



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