Gopala Gopala Movie Review & Rating – Pawan Kalyan, Venkatesh

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Gopala Gopala movie review and rating:


Gopala Gopala review

Gopala Gopala is the official remake of Bollywood blockbuster Oh My God that released in 2012 and was a massive hit there. The original story was taken from some plays and finally was taken onto the screen by Paresh Rawal in the main role and Akshay Kumar in the guest role. Although Oh My God hit some controversies, the overall movie was watchable and thought provoking. Now this movie is made into Telugu under the direction of Kishore Kumar Pardasany under the banners of Suresh Productions and North Star entertainments with Suresh Babu and Sarath Marar producing the film combined.

Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Venkatesh Daggubati, Shriya Sharan

Director: Kishore Kumar Pardasany

Producer: Suresh Babu, Shrath Marar

Story: Umesh Shukla, Bhavesh Mandalia

Music : Anoop Rubens

Cinematography: Jayanan Vincent

Editing: Gautham Raju

Distribution Company: Blue Sky Cinemas

Movie Release Date: 10th January, 2015

CBFC Rating: “U” certified

Movie Run time: 153 Minutes


Gopala Gopala review

The story begins with Venkatesh who is a non believer in God, but makes business by selling His idols in the market. Venkatesh is seen as a merchant who sells God’s idols, but doesn’t believe in God and often blames God for every small thing going wrong. As his life is going on, one fine day, his shop will be washed away in an earthquake, which is the main asset for him to live and survive. Now he goes to the insurance company and demands to pay the compensation. The insurance company says that they can’t pay for the actions of God. They say that they only pay the insurance for the actions caused by humans, but not for the actions created by God. This makes Venkatesh angry and moves to Court to file case against God, demanding compensation for the loss created by earthquake. This action by Venkatesh brings him the negative publicity. Meanwhile Pawan Kalyan enters into the scene as a common man, but in reality he is the Lord Krishna. The rest of the story is about whether Venkatesh won the case against God or not. You have watch the movie to find out that.

Technical Aspects:

The director Kishore Kumar Pardasani directed Tadakha before directing this movie which is also a remake of a Tamil movie. He directed Gopala Gopala without any changes in the original movie. The way he directed the movie is appreciable. Music composed by Anoop Rubens reached audience easily and the tunes are so catchy. we mush talk about the cinematography given by Jayanan Vincent since he is too good. The other performances too did well in the entire movie.


Gopala Gopala review

As we started to discuss about the performances, we must start it with Venkatesh. His character was based on the character of Paresh Rawal in Oh My God, who defends his case by supporting atheists in the movie. He questions the blind beliefs and superstitions and smashes all the religions with his questions.

The other person we need to talk is Pawan Kalyan. Although his character enters in the second half, audience can see him for more than enough time. He comes onto the earth as a common man to see how Venkatesh is fighting for his assets in the Court. Aashish Vidyarthi is seen as the defence lawyer.

Although the characters of Shreya Saran and Anisha Ambrose are limited, they are prioritized in the movie. Point to notice is that Venkatesh’s son is making his silver screen debut with Gopala Gopala as the child artist.

Final Verdict And Our Rating: 4.5/5

Gopala Gopala is a movie to be watched with the family and it’s thought provoking.

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