A Girl From Vizag Writes Open Letter to CBN

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A girl from Vzag wrote an open letter to the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minster Chandrababu Naidu. Chandrababu Naidu is now focusing more on the reconstruction of Visakhapatnam city that was hit by cyclone Hudhud very badly. Here is the letter exclusively for you:


“Dear Sir,

How are you?? Hope you are doing good. Have seen you in the sunrise startup village for the first time.You did a great thing starting that in vizag.
Coming to the point ! Why am
I writing this letter ?? Cause there are lot of things i want to say to you but i can’t for the obvious reason that you are the chief minister. So you are one of the first who started the software, online and all that words basically tech world in andhra a long time ago ..so i want to see how fast this letter will come to you.

The hudhud cyclone was something disastrous happening in front of our eyes and at the same time something which nobody could stop . Mother Nature woke us from our deep sleep of ignorance with a tight slap.

October 12th : I woke up to these howls of wind and the sounds of everything outside banging each other.In the morning at around seven my tree fell down and i could do nothing. And then everything around you starts falling down and all you can do is watch, cry and feel how puny you are in front of her mighty hands.

October 13th :
We wake up to clear sky in the morning six as if nothing has happened but chaos everywhere
No power, trees on the ground, broken windows, water in our homes and offices, watertanks in front of our houses, power poles and wires swinging in the mid air. We started to clear our house and in front of our house cause basically everything went into stone age and all you could do is cut the wood, clean your place , help each other as much as possible, cook food and wait for the power to restore

Why am i telling all this??? In those two days i wanted to ask you soo many things and the best part i got reply within no time ….

1. I thought i should complain you about restoring power quickly and then i get the news that it will be taken care of in three days.

2. I wanted to complain to you about selfish people selling milk packet and candles and everything for unbelievable prices during a calamity and then the next i hear you saying to complain about everyone who does that and not to encourage such people.

3. I thought if you come and be here in the city everyone will work more efficiently and thank god you did, Not one or two days but for almost five days.

4.I thought of asking you to lower the prices of everyday food and you did that too by giving us free ration and reducing the vegetable rates and selling the milk for cheaper price.

5. And then the trees ..so many trees on the ground and it was devastating to see them like that, and then you start tellin everyone to plant trees, cancel cracker licence and gave one lakh trees as gifts …wow woowand just wow!!!!

Ofcourse the power was not restored in three days everywhere but i totally support you sir cause i have seen a big crane taking almost five hours to move it aside and there were thousands of trees all over the city.

Frankly saying this sir, i was in school the last time you were in power and i don remember someone working like this afterwards.
All i have seen is all talk and no work.
Politicians sitting in the sabhas and fighting like lil kids do.
I lost respect towards a politician and a political party .it merely became a big business of corruption.

But you just rewrote everything. You changed our views and brought back the words such as good governance into existance.

For everyone who is saying you are an iron leg and hudhud happened cause of you coming into power lemme say sthin very loudly

” Trust me all you dumb people who think like that, i have been there and seen it and nature is something you can’t stop.. Yes you could do a lil part of good by not shouting on the roads and stopping sound pollution.” Face palm for you and your stupidity fellows.

I donno why to bring a political language when someone is doing a good job…you blame if someone works..you blame when someone does’nt .. I donno what you so called learned people want but bring your act together and shut your mouths.

My nanamma used to say ” we get to know the true colors of a person in difficult times “.

And you just showed your true colors :))) .. You brought back a promise of good governance and trust towards a political party .

Thank god my vote towards YOU and BJP totally counted this time or else i cant even imagine which state we will be in now.

Ohh sorry sir i forgot to introduce myself, I am Sirisha Challa and I am a baker and own a cute lil bakery in vizag called Bake My Wish.

I want to send you a cake but i donno whether you will recieve it or not.. So this letter is my gift to you.

YOU ROCK SIR , Period.

Please drop in for a filter coffee and a warm slice of cake if you are in town sir ..i know its not much but thats what i am best at :)

Wish you a very happy diwali to you and your family sir and thank you so much for bringing back light into our houses and hope into our hearts :).

Take care sir
Sirisha challa ”


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