PM Modi Writes ‘Article Of Faith’ in Germany for Make In India

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said in Germany for 2-day tour about India has the potential of becoming a middle ground for the East and West as a manufacturing hub that serves both our vast domestic market and becomes a base for global exports through the government’s “Act East” & “Link West” policy. Modi is on a two-day visit to Germany to seek investment.

the Prime Minister says that Pledging a stable and transparent tax regime, wooed global investors, saying development is “not a mere political agenda” but an “article of faith” and sought international support to achieve the objectives crucial for growth.

In an op-ed in German daily Franfurter Allgemeine, Modi writes, “We have re-energised the Indian growth engine. The credibility of our economy has been restored. India is once again poised for rapid growth and development. It is the only emerging economy where growth rate is rising. The prospects are even better”.

govt trying to end frequent rule changes and surprises :

“For us, development is not a mere political agenda, it is an article of faith,” says PM Modi. “If we take all Indians together into better socio-economic future, I believe that world we share will be better place for all.”

Stating that India believes in “Rahein Saath Badhe Saath” (stay together, grow together), PM Modi says he visualizes India as a key engine of global growth.”My government has pledged a stable and transparent tax regime, reducing corporate taxes and implementing a single Goods and Services Tax in 2016,” he said.

seek investment And about Make In India :

make in indiaCalling Germany as a preferred partner in developing skills of young Indians, PM Modi says, “My visit to Germany and India’s participation at the Hannover Messe as partner country is aimed at realizing immense possibilities.”

our main Ajenda is to Make in India campaign, PM Modi writes, “Generating jobs for India’s youthful population is the key to harnessing India’s demographic advantage.”

“This can be achieved only when we significantly and quickly ramp up our manufacturing capabilities. To meet this objective my Government has unveiled the “Make in India” initiative. This is a win-win for all,” PM writes, adding, “The employment opportunities that new manufacturing will generate will enhance the purchasing power of our people. This in turn will create a market for more trade and investment. With 65% of our population below the age of 35, the possibilities that India’s growth presents for global economic prosperity are immense.”

“India is open and ready to embrace the whole world,” he said while noting that there was a new level of interest among countries for partnership with India for enhancing trade, investment and in a host of other areas.


Recognising growing urbanization as one of the greatest challenges in India with population in Indian cities projected to double in 10 years, , Modi wrote that development of Smart Cities aimed at providing the basic necessities of affordable housing, clean water and a safe environment is his primary focus.


Modi agress that Indo-Germany relations leaves a lot to be desired. “We share a strategic partnership (with Germany) based on our common values. Our priorities fit well with Germany’s expertise. India’s development needs can become business opportunities for German industry,” he wrote in the Frankfurt-based newspaper.

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