Romeo Telugu Full Movie Online Review 2014

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Romeo Telugu Full Movie Online Review 2014 : Bildap to be a love story written by Puri Jagannath movie, due to the huge crowd of fans, a massive ‘Romeo’ hopes and expectations were. Film lovers Romeo and stayed away for a long time of economic difficulties. Finally, October 10 (Friday) to come up with the audience comes to know that Romeo cavicusadane vellalsinde no result.

The story:
In New York, where Samantha (adonika) ceyadamante Traveling alone means a lot to like. Intlovallanu convincing to go on a tour of Europe. Arrive in Rome, Italy as part of a tour of Europe. Samantha kittu the city of Rome (Sairam Shankar) at the Chase begins. According to the plan to close samantaku passport edipistuntadu keeping his dignity. With her ​​at her passport to be learning edipistunnadani .. kittuni niladistundi Samantha. Kittu so anxious to get back to his phyas. Flash back to the kittu, samantaku linkemiti? Ravi guest roles in the film, Ali, Jayasudha, nagababulaku empty jars? Kittu, Samantha emaindanede the end of the story of ‘Romeo’ movie.

Impressive stuff:
Europe, especially in the city of Rome View
PG dinner Photography
Background score

Price of depression include:
The minimum level of performance in director akattukokapovadam
The story of each REALtime
Pattuleni article
Cast performance


Kittuga Puri’s brother Sairam Shankar, starring Samantha adonikalu. In the absence of the story, how they, being plain text, from the first scene to the last scene in the absence of any tvistulu preksakudni is a stage to impress. Ento hero character, a little logic to Europe endukellado kudadarsakudu One of the things that disappointed పట్టించుకోలేకపోవడం audience. At least the name of the hero in the process some of the incorrect cupincagaligi’d love story in flashback. In the middle of the Ravi, some uratatopatu Ali seem, it is difficult to tell some jokes పండించినా..సినిమాకు become stronger. Akattukunenduke the audience as the director of a travel guide than the movie’s focus. There are some urataniccale charms audience in Europe than in the movie. Photography is mainly put this picture OU Distance Education PG dinner only. Sunil Kashyap antantamatreme the music. Alarincalekapoyayi songs. In some scenes, the film is an added attraction to bring maralekapoyindi background score. Maybe love is so poor to be written? He told the audience that the question of whether or not the story terakekkincadanlo director failed to chase the rest as the most common point. Puri came to mind, ‘Romeo’ akattukovadamaneda audience is the million dollar question.

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