Patashala Telugu Movie Review/Rating

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Patashala Telugu Movie Review : There are currently two types of stories teluguterapai youth. The first type of the full-scale valgaritito kudukunnavaite, adding a second type of movies gentle feelings, romance Insert excavators. Here we have this kind of entertainment films. Healthy, fun, fast narrative, mind melipette scenes vinalanipince songs over and over again, adbhutamanipince characters all of which were in the past, youth films. For example, in 80 of the ‘child friendly’, 90 ‘of the’ premadesam ‘, in 2000, the’ destination ‘is a film. Arudaipoyayi such films. Many young directors ippudostunna choosing good points, but it’s entertaining, emotional, close to the audience tried to be delivered. This Friday’s release of the youth in the movie ‘school’. Vulgar comedy does not tamper with, good tastes, good point, select the director succeeded mahiviraghav this picture. And are aware of the advantages of this film kathalokeldam before.

Story: The Return of the King (in), and the Sun (Shiva), Sun (sayikiran), Salma (sirisa), Sandhya (anupriya) These five good friends. Bitek destruction is complete. However College, the memories, the equivalent of a living satamatamaipotuntaru could not leave the friendship. Then the principal gives them a suggestion. “They stay evarintiki five, five to go with your five illaku. Stay at home for a few days each. Apart from being the trip to help your career, you can provide new experiences, “he says. He liked the advice, everyone is planning to tour. Atleast on their road trip experiences, resulting in no turns? The story.

Because to: actively playing the young. All the characters raktikattincaru extent. LB Sriram, Krishna Bhagawan, whether Narsimharaja memorable minor characters, such as the senior actors. Shashank crucial role in the second half of the story. He acted very well.

How tisarante: his passion to the extent that the director has chosen a good storyline. The majority of the sentiment, bhavodvegalapaine pointed attention. The lack of entertainment, the story being slow problem, though the majority of the audience. But, like the Clean Movie insolvency darsakunni abhinam lowered. If a little more attention to him, appeared a promising future. The main strength of the film camera. The film was the Telugu states. Most of the fresh feel. A lot of good conversations. The music is okay. Overall, this movie is based on the success of the young people in the major cities of telugu states. If they hit the film.

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