The End 2014 Telugu Movie Review/Rating

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Star Cast : Yuva Chandraa, Gazal somaiah, Sudhir Reddy, Pavani Reddy
Producer : Koteswara Rao Morusu under Friday Films Official
Director : Rahul Sankrityan
Music : Vamsi,Hari
Released on: 5-12-2014

Rating: 2.5/5

Story :
Newly married couple Rajeev Mathews (Sudheer Reddy) and Priya (Pavani Reddy) start staying at their new home in outskirts of Hyderabad. Gautham (Yuva Chandra) returns from UK to start a Hospital in India with help of Rajeev. Accidentally one day, a worker dies at the house cleaning the top floor. In a mean time, Gautham gets attracted to Rekha in a party, a family friend of Priya. For higher medical studies Gautham leaves to Goa with Rekha (Gazal Somaiah). The romantic life of Rajeev & Priya gets disturbed as she gets possessed by ghost. Why did these evil spirit posses Priya? How will Gautham help Rajeev in this critical issue? Forms rest of the story.

Performance :
Sudheer Reddy overacted in the initial half, but exceeded the expectations in the second half with his performance. Pavani Reddy, shown immense growth in acting post dream. Yuva Chandra in the role of UK returned Medical doctor was commendable. Gazal Somaih strictly limited to add some glamour to the film. Venu was totally wasted in his character. Police officer Sandeep played his part very well.

Final Verdict :
The End is not even close to being a skittish affair. For horror fiends or time pass audience. The film doesn’t offer anything new despite the HOPE of it. On the whole, The End is a waste of your time and hard earned money so it’s better if you just simply stay away from this one.


THE END MovieTeaser Official | Telugu Horror Movie Trailers 2014

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