Chakkiligintha Telugu Movie Review/Rating Sumanth Ashwin, Rehana

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Movie Name : Chakkiligintha (2014)
Cast : Sumanth Ashwin , Rehana
Director : Vema Reddy
Producer : Narasimha Reddy
Music :Mickey J Meyer
Released on : December 05, 2014.
Genre : Comedy Romance

Story: Chakkiligintha is a comedy romance entertainer in which Sumanth Ashwin and Rehana are playing the main lead roles. Sumanth Ashwin portrayed the role of Adi, a young guy who won’t believe to go after girls and encourages his friends to not to woo them. This attitude of him is disliked by every girl in the college.

After the joining of Avi (Rehana) in the college, she finds out that all girls are ignored by boys. That leads her for a trap for Adi. The remaining story is all about the trap and whether Adi feel in that trap is what you have to see on screen.

Performances : Sumanth Ashwin portrayed the role of young guy and he was energetic. There is good improvement from Ashwin as an actor. The way he remotes in the movie is also good. This is the first film for Rehana as the female lead and her role was a bit disappointing. The makers should have gone with a known face as the role has an importance in the movie. Tagubotu Ramesh and Viva fame Harsha are quite good in their roles respectively. The climax of the movie is also quite disappointing.

Technical : The film goes with the college atmosphere. The camera work for the movie is stunning. The direction of Vema Reddy is below par. The screenplay at some scenes confuses the audience. There are too many points left with confusion and common audience will leave the theater with confusion. The way climax is justified is also not up to the mark.

Final VerdictOn whole, you can ignore this film for this weekend as there is nothing worth to watch except the rich look in the movie.


 Chakiligintha Theatrical Trailer – Sumanth Ashwin,Mirthika

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