Romeo Telugu Full Movie Online Review 2014

Romeo Telugu Full Movie Online Review 2014 : Bildap to be a love story written by Puri Jagannath movie, due to the huge crowd of fans, a massive ‘Romeo’ hopes and expectations were. Film lovers Romeo and stayed away for a long time of economic difficulties. Finally, October 10 (Friday) to come up with the […]

Dikkulu Choodaku Ramayya Full Movie Review Online

Different effort Mundukeltunte almost the same formula in the big films, short films, humor, profanity, wandering around under the guise of love. A new effort by the time someone mundukoste అభినందించాల్సిందే them. Such an endeavor .. ‘without directions cry’. ‘American Beauty’ is an English film, inspired by the story of making it to some idani. […]

Patashala Telugu Movie Review/Rating

Patashala Telugu Movie Review : There are currently two types of stories teluguterapai youth. The first type of the full-scale valgaritito kudukunnavaite, adding a second type of movies … gentle feelings, romance Insert excavators. Here we have this kind of entertainment films. Healthy, fun, fast narrative, mind melipette scenes vinalanipince songs over and over again, […]

Sharwanand’s Run Raja Run Telugu Movie Review

Movie Story : Raja (Sharwanand), a happy lucky guy always fails in the matter of love. His love life turns around when he saves Priya (Seerat Kapoor), daughter of Dileep Kumar (Sampath) from a chase. In a low time both Raja & Priya start liking each other. Knowing the budding love, Dileep plans to sideline […]


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