*Happy Christmas, Merry Xmas Wishes, SMS – Pics 2014 – 2015

The festival that is celebrated by most of the people on this planet is earth is getting close and is less than a month now. December 25th, the day which is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ, the universal God for Christians all over the planet earth. This is also the festival for many […]

Men with larger feet likelier to be love-cheats

An interesting new study has revealed that the guys who have the shoe size of 10 or more inches are likely to be most unfaithful when compared to those with smaller size. Illicit Encounters, who conducted this study, said that, the large the guy’s feet, the more likely he has an affair with the most […]

Exercising three times a week cuts depression risk

A new study about exercising has demonstrated that the people who are physically active are the one who likely stay away from depression. A study that was conducted at the University College London (UCL), told that the people who increase their weekly activity said that they have fewer depression symptoms but those with more depressive […]

Crushing on his or her parent?

Don’t compare : Crush is nothing but a brief infatuation for someone. It is what makes exciting and very often it makes fizzle off too quickly. Having a crush on your partner is something that is out of ordinary. In fact, there is not much control one has over how they feel about a person […]

Babies utter babbling, cooing sounds to gauge hearing capacity

A new research on babies say that the babbling of infants and cooing is something that is linked the hearing ability of babies. The research that took place in the University of Missouri showed that infant vocalizations are basically improved by the ability of infants to hear their babbling and the ability to cochlear help in […]

Watch : How Americans react after tasting Indian Food

How Americans react after tasting Indian Food have you ever wondered how others would react to the diverse taste of the Indian cuisine? A group of American are made to taste some Indian Food. Lets see how they react to it.  


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